Louisiana Portraits

This project grew out of several portraits made in Louisiana and Mississippi during the 2020-21 pandemic. Through generous support from the Jazz and Heritage Foundation, I was able to begin an extended series of portraits of people in Louisiana that make contributions to the art and culture of the state.

Louis Michot, Corey Ledet, and Leyla McCalla, Bywater, 2024

Ernie Vincent at Euclid Records, 2023 (Cover for Living Blues Magazine)

Tia, Lower 9th Ward, 2024
Sabine McCalla, Lower 9th Ward, 2023

Esther Rose at the Tigermen Den, Bywater

TR in his garden, Bywater

Sabine McCalla, Lower 9th Ward, 2023
Alex McMurray at home, 2023
Doug Bourgeois, St. Amant, LA 2023
Doug Bourgeouis, St. Amant, 2023
Cole Williams, City Park, New Orleans, 2023
Vanessa Niemann, Bywater, 2023
Alex McMurray, New Orleans, 2023
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